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HCI Webinar: Changing Directions and Helping Others to Achieve their Dreams, with Mary Miller

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Westover talks with Mary Miller about being willing and able to pivot, change directions, daring to dream, and helping to improve the lives of those around you.

See the video here:

Check out the podcast here:

Mary Miller is a Motivational Speaker and CEO of JANCOA, Cincinnati’s largest family-owned & operated commercial cleaning company. Mary has a passion to encourage people to move in the direction of their dreams. Author of Changing Direction: Ten Choices that Impact Your Dreams, Mary outlines steps anyone can take to achieve their wildest dreams. In addition to running a business with almost 500 full-time employees, Mary is an Associate Coach at Strategic Coach in Chicago. She is a popular keynote speaker for audiences around that world who want to focus on a vision for a bigger future. Mary’s forward-thinking and caring entrepreneurial spirit is evident in all aspects of her life. An energetic and enthusiastic business leader, she is notorious for her positivity and desire to help others realize their uniqueness and personal power. Mary's life-changing work has earned her numerous accolades including the local 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award & a Doctorate of Humane Letters from College of Mount Saint Joseph. See a video profile of JANCOA here:



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