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Each of the books listed below was compiled, edited, and adapted from multiple open source textbooks and created under a Creative Commons License without attribution, as requested by the work’s original creator or licensee. Each book is freely available for download, online reading, and sharing for educational purposes. Find supporting supplemental teaching materials at


In an increasingly hyper-competitive global marketplace, public organizations must strive to stay lean and flexible to meet the diverse and specialized needs of citizens.

Furthermore, the emergence of technology and service-oriented knowledge organizations has led to a shift in the global economy, requiring public organizations to foster a continuous learning and innovation culture, better motivate employees, and make sound organizational decisions.

Organizational leaders in the public sector must promote ongoing organizational agility to increase firm effectiveness and employee productivity. This requires successful management of organizational knowledge to achieve strategic organizational goals and add value to all stakeholders.

Strategic Human Resource Management in Public Organizations is a comprehensive text that provides an introduction to a broad range of HRM topics with a focus on their impact on the modern workplace. It presents cross-disciplinary research and business cases in an organized, clear, and accessible manner, with a strong emphasis on strategic management and ethical leadership.

This book is an informative resource for management academics, instructors, organizational managers, leaders, and human resource development professionals of all types seeking proven practices and methods to create organizational systems and culture that promote ongoing organizational learning and innovation to drive firm effectiveness in an increasingly complex and competitive global economy.
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