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Be Our Guest!

With nearly 1500 episodes and over 20 million downloads to date (an average of around half a million listeners a month), the daily 30-minute podcast (audio and video) is an excellent platform for you to share your thought leadership and reach new potential clients. Please find out more about the HCI Podcast Network and our flagship podcast, Human Capital Leadership,
Please note that due to high demand, we currently have a few hundred scheduled interviews in the queue, so we are scheduling new interviews about 18+ months out. We do have a premium scheduling option available for a fee, which allows guests to skip the long queue and wait time and schedule a podcast interview within the next few weeks. 
Interviews are usually aired within several weeks of being recorded (premium scheduled interviews usually within a week or so of recording) and are shared broadly, both through our podcast channels, but also via “Live Streaming” of the pre-recorded video across 8 social media platforms (via StreamYard), reaching our total social media audience of over 500,000 followers across multiple platforms. The episode will also be highlighted in a summary article in the HCL eMag (over 20K article views a month) and in the weekly Alchemizing Human Capital LinkedIn Newsletter (with 6K subscribers and over 27K followers). 
If you are interested in joining Dr. Westover for a conversation on an organizational leadership or people management topic, please send an email to and include "Podcast Guest Pitch" in the subject line.

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