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Banner Year for the Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast!

2020 was a banner inaugural year for the Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast. With the first episode launching on May 8th, by the end of the year we published 327 episodes (nearly 10,000 minutes of original content), nearly 200 of which were interviews with organizational leaders, industry experts, and global thought leaders.

Now we have over 18,000 listeners across 90+ countries around the world! The HCI Podcast has been highly ranked in the Apple Podcasts general "Management" category in 25 countries, and is globally ranked #6 in #PerformanceManagement, #8 in #Workplace, #11 in HR, #12 in #TalentManagement, #14 in #PersonalDevelopment, and #25 in #Leadership categories.

Thanks to all who were interviewed, all who contributed in any way, and all who have listened in year one! Much more to come in 2021!



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