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This Week on the HCI Podcast!

Check out this week on the Human Capital Innovations, LLC (HCI) Podcast (, now with listeners in 16 countries around the world! Dr. Westover had the opportunity to talk with more amazing professionals in the leadership, HR, and organizational development spaces:

  • A Conversation with Dave Ulrich, Father of Modern HR

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and the Future of Work, with J. Scott Christianson

  • Humility, Servant Leadership and Successful Organizational Leadership, with Dr. Eric Russell

  • Communicating Company Vision, Mission, and Purpose in a Time of Crisis, with Dr. Michael Thiemann

  • Complacency Syndrome and Creating High Performance Systems to Increase Profitability and Productivity, with Anthony Garcia, MBA

  • Leadership Agility for Personal and Organizational Development and Growth, with Chuen Chuen Yeo, PCC

  • Strategic Planning and Growth in 2nd Stage Companies, with Michael Vann

  • The Role of Training and Evaluation in the Future of Work, with James D. (Jim) Kirkpatrick

Check out these latest episodes, with many more to come! Interested in being interviewed? Shoot us a message!



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