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This Week on the HCI Podcast

This week on the HCI Podcast, Dr. Westover had the opportunity to talk with more amazing professionals in the leadership, HR, and organizational development spaces:

  • Human Behavior Hacking, Personal Biases, and Leadership, with Susan Ibitz -WLPI-BA-SCAn-CFR III-MBTI

  • Burnout, Meaningful Work, and Creating a Positive Organizational Culture in a Time of Crisis, with David Shar, MPS, SHRM-SCP

  • EQ, Emotional Intelligence, and Leading with Compassion and Intentionality, with Patricia Carl

  • How an Urban Monk Became a Corporate Leadership Consultant Focused on Mindfulness in the Workplace, with Pandit Dasa

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, with Kevin Kan

  • Applying Behavioral Science Expertise to Motivate Workers and Lead Organizations, with Kurt Nelson, PhD

  • Affirmation, Freedom, and a Unified Purpose in the Workplace, with Grant Botma

  • Employee Trust, Relationships, Engagement, and Authentic Leadership During a Pandemic Response, with Shona Elliott

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programs to Make a Sustainable Social Impact, with Linda Lattimore

  • Weekly Leadership Nugget - Listening to the Vital Truth of Silence, with Eric Russell

Check out these latest episodes, with many more to come!

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