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HCI Research Brief: The State of Global Worker Satisfaction

Check out Dr. Westover and Dr. Andrade's new HCI Research Brief on the State of Global Worker Satisfaction. This 18-page report summarizes the findings of 10 different peer-reviewed, academic papers that look at different aspects of comparative international differences in #workermotivations, #engagement, and #jobsatisfactionlevels, from across 37 different countries.

These studies focus on #intrinsicrewards (interesting work, job autonomy, helping others, and jobs being useful to society), #extrinsicrewards (pay, job security, promotional opportunities, physical effort, and work stress), #workrelations (between management and employees and coworkers, discrimination, and harassment); and #worklifebalance (working from home, working weekends, schedule flexibility, flexibility to deal with family matters during work hours, and work interfering with family) across various demographic dimensions (age, gender, occupational type, organizational type, and supervisory status).

See the full report here.



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