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Slips, Trips and Falls Are the Top Cause of all Healthcare Workers’ Claims

  • “Slips, trips and falls are the top cause of all workers’ compensation claims”

  • Healthcare has one of the higher risk factors for workers

  • Northern U.S. States have the highest rate of workplace accidents- Maine topping the list

Healthcare is known as one of the most dangerous professions. Amid the pandemic, in 2020 U.S. healthcare workers experienced a staggering 249 % increase in injury and illness rates.

Those working in healthcare tend to have higher risk factors, including environmental hazards, burnout and even violence.

New research conducted by experts at High Rise Financial reveals Northern U.S. states have the highest rates of people involved in workplace accidents.

Across the top three states in the research- Maine, Oregon, and Vermont- healthcare is one of the most popular professions.

Maine is found to have the highest rate of workplace accidents, with 4.7 out of every 100 full-time workers involved in nonfatal work injuries and illnesses. This is 67.8% higher than the yearly average.

In Maine, most recent data shows 15,890 people of 592,000 registered employees (2.68%) are Home Health and Personal Care Aides, and 14,380 people of 592,000 (2.43%) are Registered Nurses.

These professions are the second and third most popular professions in the state.

A spokesperson for High Rise Financial, a Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Company, says,

“Not only can workplace accidents directly impact workers’ health and safety, but also the workforce as a whole, losing team members and potentially incurring financial losses if cases are taken to court.

“Slips, trips and falls are the top cause of all workers’ compensation claims, incurring injuries such as broken bones, sprains, cuts, pulled muscles, and damage to the back, head and neck.

“Whilst these types of injuries are described as ‘nonfatal’, they can result in hospitalization and missed workdays, often resulting in financial losses.”

Below, High Rise Financial highlight the five most common causes of workplace injuries that would be eligible for pre-settlement funding:

  1. Slip and fall accidents: If someone failed to place warning signs around slippery areas or left debris in a walkway, you could easily fall because of their carelessness. Slip and fall accidents can result in a back injury, broken bones, or a concussion.

  2. Malfunctioning equipment: Many jobs involve machinery that could be faulty or worn down. Manufacturers and maintenance personnel are obligated to ensure that the work equipment you use will not cause injuries like accidental amputation or burns.

  3. Inadequate training: Your employer is responsible for training you on all the processes necessary to do your job safely. If you are injured because this training was not provided or was inadequate, they may be liable for your losses.

  4. Exposure to harmful substances: Contact with dangerous chemicals, excessive radiation levels, or scalding liquid can lead to severe burns or even long-term illnesses such as cancer. Your employer, supervisor, and co-workers must all follow proper safety procedures to ensure you are not injured at work by these substances.

  5. Excessive noise: A consistently loud environment like a factory or construction site can impact your short-term and long-term hearing. Employers must provide workers with training and proper protective equipment to guard against hearing damage that could affect your quality of life.

A spokesperson for High Rise Financial, a Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Company, added:

“It is extremely important for employers in any line of work to address potential hazards, emphasizing the implications of a potentially dangerous working environment.

“Accidents in a workplace can pose many complications in injury cases, due to the number of parties that are often involved as well as the time they can take to be resolved.

“While legal representatives can resolve some lawsuits quickly, most take months or even years to settle. As a result, many workplace injury victims amass debt while waiting for their settlement.

“Therefore, opting for pre-settlement funding can help a claimant access money prior to their settlement, to avoid a buildup of debt without applying for a loan.”

The research was conducted by a High Rise Financial, a Pre-Settlement Legal Funding Company providing victims of personal injury cases with a portion of their anticipated settlement funds before their case officially settles

Sources: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics



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