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The Future Leader: Creating & Transforming Next Gen Organizations, by Jonathan H. Westover, PhD.

Stemming from two decades of professional experience and over 600 in-depth interviews with executives, thought leaders, and scholars from across the globe, The Future Leader will help you explore the ordinary, everyday actions that will help you to prepare to lead in the future of work, to respond to an uncertain future, and to produce extraordinary results for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

The Future Leader includes 25 chapters, broken up into four parts:

  • Part 1: Preparing for the Future of Work (Chapters 2 – 9)

  • Part 2: A Focus on Growth and Abundance (Chapters 10 – 16)

  • Part 3: A Focus on Psychological Safety (Chapters 17 – 24)

  • Part 4: Pulling it All Together (Chapter 25) 


Following each chapter, you are encouraged to engage in critical self-reflection, with key take-aways and guiding questions provided.

Purchase your copy on Amazon and let us know what you think!

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