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HCI Webinar: Using AI to Prepare Students for Their Interactions with Recruiters and Hiring Managers, with Brenda Stover and Kate Grady

In the latest HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Brenda Stover and Kate Grady using AI technology to prepare students for their interactions with recruiters and hiring managers. Below is a summary of the main points from their conversation! Check out the full episode and let us know what you think!

Watch the episode here:

Quick Recap

Brenda, Jonathan, and Kate discussed integrating AI into job search and career development initiatives at Villanova University. They explored the potential benefits and challenges of using AI responsibly in conjunction with human interaction for career success. They also discussed recent recruiting trends, the need for personalized career coaching, and the team's efforts to enhance their understanding of the AI space.

AI in Job Search and Career Success

Brenda, Jonathan, and Kate discussed the integration of AI in the job search process, emphasizing its potential to help job seekers stand out and its challenges when used early on. They agreed on the importance of using AI responsibly in conjunction with human interaction for career success. Brenda and Kate, who lead career development initiatives for business students at Villanova University, plan to explore these topics further in a future podcast episode.

Recent Recruiting Trends and Student Preferences

Brenda discussed the recent search and recruitment trends, emphasizing the acceleration of recruiting practices by employer groups in the financial services and public accounting sectors. She also noted a shift in student preferences towards more individualized career coaching, rather than large group workshops, as they seek personalized attention. Jonathan acknowledged her points.

Expanding Resources and AI Integration

Brenda highlighted the expanding availability of resources for students, emphasizing the need to engage with students earlier in their college careers to prepare them for accelerated recruiting processes. Jonathan and Kate discussed the integration of AI technology into their programs, focusing on its use in professional development, resume and cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profiling. Kate also mentioned the creation of an AI working group to stay updated with the rapid development of new tools. Brenda identified the challenge of keeping up with the evolution of these tools and the need to teach students how to incorporate their authentic voice in their use.

AI in Cover Letter Writing Discussion

Brenda, Kate, and Jonathan discussed the misuse of AI in crafting cover letters and other communication with employers. Brenda emphasized the importance of authenticity and offered that AI could be a tool for generating ideas or enhancing existing content, but should not be used as a wholesale replacement. Kate illustrated this point by showing students the differences between a cover letter she wrote and one generated by AI. Jonathan agreed that AI could be useful for students learning to use it appropriately, but also stressed the need for students to take responsibility for their own work and the potential consequences of submitting AI-generated content.

Preparing Students for Future AI Work

Jonathan emphasized the importance of critical thinking and adaptability in preparing students for future work, particularly with regards to emerging technologies like AI. Kate shared her discussions with recruiters, indicating that they are looking for general applicability and adaptability in AI knowledge, rather than specific skill sets. She also highlighted the need for students to stay informed about their respective industries. Brenda added that their team, consisting of seven members, aims to enhance their understanding of the AI space to better serve students.

Listen to the webinar here:



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