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HCI Webinar: Executive Coaching and Waving the Leadership Magic Wand, with Gary Cohen

In the latest HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Gary Cohen about executive coaching and waving the leadership magic wand. Below is a summary of the main points from their conversation! Check out the full episode and let us know what you think!

Watch the episode here:

Quick Recap

Jonathan and Gary discussed the importance of executive coaching, leadership, and personal growth, emphasizing the need for impactful leadership, self-reflection, and open communication. They also highlighted the role of coaches in unlocking potential in their clients and the significance of humility and accountability in leadership.

Impactful Leadership and Coaching Strategies

Jonathan and Gary emphasized the importance of impactful leadership and its enhancement through coaching and development. They highlighted the significance of setting aspirational goals, planning, and addressing the root causes of issues, rather than just treating the surface-level symptoms. They also introduced the concept of "what you are subject to" versus "what you object to," as a framework for understanding and changing ingrained patterns of thought and behavior. They used the example of Gary's successful entrepreneurial journey, and his subsequent dedication to coaching as a valuable lesson in leadership and business strategy.

Self-Reflection and Consistent Self-Examination for Growth

Gary and Jonathan discussed the importance of self-reflection and consistent self-examination for personal and professional growth. Jonathan emphasized the value of understanding one's own thought processes, emotions, and decision-making frameworks. Gary agreed, noting that clients often stay with coaches for years because they value the external perspective and continuous learning opportunities. Both highlighted the role of an objective external confidant in providing candid feedback and facilitating growth.

Expanding Known Window and Reducing Unknowns

Gary and Jonathan discussed the importance of open and transparent communication in personal and professional settings. Jonathan introduced the concept of the Jahari window, a tool that helps individuals reflect on their known and unknown aspects. He emphasized the significance of seeking regular feedback and practicing self-reflection to expand one's known window and reduce the unknown. Gary affirmed this approach as a core value at their company, stressing the need to make the unknown known to liberate oneself from past histories and complexities. They both acknowledged the challenges of consistency in implementing these practices.

Unlocking Potential and Coaching Impact

Gary and Jonathan discussed the unique qualities of successful leadership, focusing on the idea of coaches unlocking potential in their clients rather than providing a blueprint for success. They highlighted the importance of the ripple effect, where coaching not only impacts the individual being coached, but also has broader effects on their organization and beyond. Gary shared his observations on the types of clients they work with, noting that most are achievers who are strategically-oriented, competitive, and self-reliant. He also discussed how they help clients free up time and balance ego with humility.

Emphasizing Humility and Accountability in Leadership

Gary emphasized the importance of humility and accountability in leadership. He argued that leaders should not have an overbearing ego, as this can discourage followers from challenging the leader's ideas. Instead, leaders should encourage open dialogue and allow followers to take ownership of their work. Gary also highlighted that leaders should not hesitate to criticize when things go wrong, as this helps individuals learn and grow. Jonathan agreed with Gary's points, acknowledging that speaking hard truths can be challenging but is necessary for effective coaching.

Listen to the webinar here:



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