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HCI Webinar: COVID-19, Organizational Potential, and Engaging Remote Teams, with John Neral

In this HCI Webinar, Dr. Westover talks with John Neral about how organizational potential has changed because of COVID-19 and how leaders can create more engagement with their remote teams.

See the video here:

Check out the podcast here:

John Neral, MA, CPC ( reawakens, energizes, galvanizes and innovates the mind think of employees, corporations, associations, systems--people. A celebrated executive/career and professional development coach, and in-demand, mindset-shifting public speaker, John’s professional walk included serving as a former professional development manager of an instructional coaching program at the District of Columbia Public Schools system (DCPS); a 14-year mathematics educator; a state educational assessment specialist (DC); and a longstanding corporate consultant for Fortune 500 giant, Casio America, Inc., and a Training and Staffing Director for an Educational Non-Profit (AIR). He now leads John Neral Coaching, LLC, one of the most progressive, mindset-shifting professional and organizational coaching and public speaking firms in the U.S. and is the author of the new book, “SHOW UP – Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career.” A champion of enlivening the mind and compelling action, John also currently hosts The #SHOWUP6Book on IGTV, a new channel dedicated to encouraging employees, corporations, systems, and individuals--living in the times of #COVID19--to #SHOWUP, transform amidst the present challenges, and emerge as their best selves yet. The show is an extension of his weekly inspo Facebook livestream, @JohnNeralCoaching LLC. His intriguing, previous interviews with industry leaders and insiders are also available on his YouTube Channel, @JohnNeralCoaching. A former church organ prodigy, John is an avid traveler--having sojourned to