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Global Employment and the Seismic Shift in Current Employment Traditions, with Derek Gallimore

Derek Gallimore, Founder of Outsource Accelerator and passionate advocate for outsourcing employees and global employment, recently joined Jonathan Westover for a conversation on Human Capital Innovations Podcast to discuss outsourcing workers; the pros, cons, and why it can benefit you and your company.

Derek states, “Outsourcing is the most transformative business tool available today.” It allows you to “... access the pool of 8 billion people across the globe…” and can save you a major percentage of your costs. When making the decision to outsource, “... you don’t want to go for the average, you want to go for the high performers”, and outsourcing allows you to not be restricted to a particular geographic location.

Despite the many pros, there are also a few cons that need to be kept in mind. “It seems [working with others] seems to be able to happen more organically when people are physically together.” Being in person and working with others while physically in the same room tends to increase communication and understanding between coworkers.

So, Derek suggests that would should “... try to get the best of both worlds, so to speak. There's benefits to being in person, there's benefits to the flexibility of the remote or the virtual work.” Often, when the option is there, "... it's really going to be beneficial to [your employees] to at least part of the time, be in person." Many employees enjoy remote working because “... [i]t’s easier and more fun to stay at home… but it’s not always good in the long-term.”

Derek again emphasized that outsourcing can be very beneficial for many companies. You aren’t limited by location or distance, but there are cons when it comes to productivity and communication between teams when working remotely. The best option is to blend them both, having different teams in different countries, and having them be in person some of the time. But something that is important to keep in mind when it comes to your company, Derek states, "I'm not sure there's a one size fits all, actually. I'm pretty darn sure there's not a one size fits all."

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