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Utah Crowned Sixth Best State for Digital Nomads as 2024 Begins

  • Utah ranks seventh place in ranking based on WiFi hotspots, co-working spaces, and computer repair shops, contributing to its seamless remote working experience.

  • Virginia and Rhode Island come in eighth and ninth place, respectively.

  • Mississippi comes in last place, making it the worst state to be a digital nomad.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of remote work and digital nomadism, Utah stands out as the seventh best US state to be a digital nomad, according to a comprehensive index that considers various factors affecting the lifestyle of those working and traveling on the go.


The Digital Nomad Index Score, developed by global accommodation experts at Bluepillow, reveals the top ten optimal destinations for those seeking a balance between work, lifestyle, and opportunity. The index ranks states based on the following range of factors affecting digital nomads' daily lives:


  • Average Daily High Temp Difference From Ideal Temperature (72F)

  • Average Off-Premises Food & Beverage Consumption

  • Average Gasoline & Energy Goods Consumption

  • Violent Crime Rate Per 100k

  • Property Crime Rate Per 100k

  • No. Computer Repair Firms

  • No. Computer Repair Employment

  • No. Coworking Spaces

  • No. Free WiFi Hotspots

  • Annual Road Fatalities Per Billion Vehicle Miles (2017-2021)

  • % of Workforce Working From Home

  • Air Quality Index (Higher = Worse)

  • State & National Park Coverage (sq. mi.)


The top ten states for digital nomads are:


  1. Massachusetts - Digital nomad score of 64.70/100

  2. New Jersey - Digital nomad score of 63.89/100

  3. Connecticut - Digital nomad score of 61.97/100

  4. Maryland - Digital nomad score of 61.71/100

  5. New York - Digital nomad score of 61.66/100

  6. Colorado - Digital nomad score of 61.24/100

  7. Utah - Digital nomad score of 61.09/100

  8. Virginia - Digital nomad score of 60.25/100

  9. Rhode Island - Digital nomad score of 57.68/100

  10. Florida - Digital nomad score of 57.40/100


Massachusetts secured the top position with an impressive Digital Nomad Index Score of 64.70 out of 100, surpassing all other states. Key factors contributing to Massachusetts' top ranking include its well-developed infrastructure with 113 computer repair firms and 590 computer repair employment opportunities. The state also provides 176 coworking spaces and 12,080 free WiFi hotspots for digital nomads, facilitating their seamless remote work experience.


New Jersey is the second most optimal destination to be a digital nomad, with a score of 63.89 out of 100. Key factors contributing to New Jersey's second-place ranking include the presence of 192 computer repair firms and 1,480 computer repair employment opportunities. The state also provides 161 coworking spaces and 11,658 free WiFi hotspots, making remote work a seamless experience for its residents and visitors. Furthermore, New Jersey boasts a safety record with a relatively low violent crime rate of 206.7 per 100,000 residents and a property crime rate of 1,334.3 per 100,000 residents, creating a secure environment for digital nomads to live and work.


With a remarkable Digital Nomad Index Score of 61.97 out of 100, Connecticut has secured the third position in this exclusive ranking. Connecticut shines in the Index with 61 computer repair firms and 272 computer repair shops, along with 67 coworking spaces and 7,264 free WiFi hotspots, ensuring an accommodating environment for remote work and innovation.


In fourth place is Maryland with an index score of 61.71 out of 100. Maryland excels in the Index, boasting 112 computer repair firms and 670 computer repair employment opportunities, along with 129 coworking spaces and 7,364 free Wi-Fi hotspots, offering an accommodating environment for remote work and innovation. The state takes safety seriously, with a low violent crime rate of 454.4 per 100,000 residents and a property crime rate of 1,950.3 per 100,000 residents, creating a secure and welcoming backdrop for digital nomads to both live and work.


New York takes fifth place with an index score of 61.66 out of 100. The state offers an abundance of amenities for remote workers, with 393 computer repair firms, 2,592 computer repair employment opportunities, 477 coworking spaces, and 25,514 free Wi-Fi hotspots, making it a hotspot for innovation and creativity. While New York is celebrated for its urban lifestyle, it's also committed to safety, with a relatively low violent crime rate of 361.0 per 100,000 residents and a property crime rate of 1,386.1 per 100,000 residents, providing a secure backdrop for digital nomads to work and explore.


A spokesperson for Bluepillow commented on the study:


 "The Digital Nomad Index provides valuable insights for individuals seeking the perfect destination to live and work remotely. Massachusetts' top ranking is a testament to its exceptional living standards, opportunities, and infrastructure for digital nomads. It's a state that combines urban amenities with natural beauty, making it a unique and highly attractive destination.


Massachusetts, securing the top spot in the Digital Nomad Index, is closely trailed by New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and New York, all situated along the eastern seaboard. This pattern strongly indicates that the eastern region boasts a highly developed and conducive business infrastructure."




Indicator data was sourced from the sources listed above. When necessary, indicators were first scaled to population by dividing by the population of the state and multiplying by 100,000. National Park coverage was scaled to state area rather than population. Some indicators were transformed using the log transformation to reduce skew in their distributions. The indicators were then min-max scaled from 0 to 10, where 0 and 10 represent the lowest and highest values in the range of data. Negative indicators such as crime rates were subtracted from 10 to invert their scoring. The indicators were then indexed using the weightings above the table.



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