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The Highest-Earning Industries in Utah Revealed

  • Workers who are in management positions at companies and enterprises receive the highest average salary of any industry in Utah.

  • The average employee within the management of a company or enterprise across Utah earns just over $127,000 per year.

  • Information and utilities are also among the top-earning sectors in the state.

Workers who manage companies and enterprises in Utah earn the highest average salary of any sector state-wide, at around $127,000 per year.

Research from business advice company Venture Smarter has shed light on the highest-earning sectors across Utah. Figures from the United States Census Bureau on employment numbers and total salary per sector as of March 2021 were analyzed to reveal the average annual salary of each industry.

With the highest average annual salary of $127,519, those working in management at companies and enterprises are in the best position in Utah. A total of 26,768 people work in this sector, earning a yearly total of $3,413,421,000, which is 4.61% of the total payroll state-wide.

Those employed in utilities are the second-highest-earning individuals in the state with an average annual salary of $105,440. Workers in electric power, natural gas, steam supply, water supply, sewage removal, and more earn a total of $481,228,000 per year.

The third highest-earning industry in Utah is information, with the average annual wage at $99,003. Approximately 54,684 people work in this sector all over the state, across publishing, film, sound recordings, broadcasting, telecommunications, data processing, and more.

Despite being one of Utah’s most populated industries with 121,761 employees, people in the accommodation and food services sector earn the lowest average annual salary at $20,940. Job roles within this industry include servers, housekeepers, and various other hospitality positions.

Residents working in arts, entertainment, and recreation are the state’s second-lowest paid, with an average wage of $29,256 annually.

A spokesperson from Venture Smarter commented on the findings: “Employed people all over Utah earn around $74,064,547,000 each year, with the average state-wide annual salary sitting at $55,301.”

“Utilities, finance, and higher management continue to be some of the most profitable industries across America, while the nation’s most populated industries like retail and food services appear to be some of the lowest paid on average.”


Sources: Venture Smarter, The United States Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics



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