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The Globalization of Teams, with Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Omnipresent, a company designed to make global online hiring seamless and slightly less daunting, recently met with Jonathan Westover on the HCI podcast, where they discussed the globalization of teams and the advantages and disadvantages of hiring globally and virtual work performed by distributed teams. The bottom line—global hiring is fast-growing and has significant implications for work design and the future of organizations and teams.

According to Wilson, one of the primary drivers impacting the growing change from office to online work is the pandemic, because of the “... forced behavioral change for lots and lots of people and lots and lots of businesses, lots of companies realized this works really well, everybody's still being as productive, if not more productive, than they were being when we were making them come in and commute every day.”

The main advantage to hiring globally online is the large talent pool you can choose from. Wilson argues, “You can hire the best person in the world for the job at hand, rather than the best person who happens to be available, who's in a 45 minutes commute radius”. Matthew mentions “... how important talent [is], how important teams [are], and how much of a competitive advantage you could get from building an amazing team.” Hiring online simply adds to giving you the upper-hand with the competition.

He also talked about how this switch to online or hybrid work has “promising sign[s] that [it] will be a net positive both for businesses but also for employees as well” with the “... workers even more [confident] to take plunge, to move to leave overcrowded, over expensive cities where they have a lower standard of living and being able to go out and work a fantastic job”, as well as employers having access to a larger range of talent with online and hybrid work.

Additionally, Wilson talked about how important it is to adapt to “... this rapidly changing world of work and the global and social landscape, [and that] we're going to have to learn how to adjust and adapt to this or we're going to lose out on the best talent”. Although “... there's still headroom for productivity growth with better technologies and tools as well,” there already are tools that are “able to lift the level of productivity of collaboration even higher than it is today, which, as we've seen, has matched what you can get in an office.”

You can listen to the full episode at, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts, just search “HCI Podcast”.