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The Fable - Life on Your Terms, with Kris Kluver

Seasoned entrepreneur and best selling author of several books including Aspiring Soloprenear and The Business Startup Bible, Kris Kluver sat down with Jonathan Westover on a new episode of the Human Capital Innovations Podcast to talk about his recent book Life on Your Terms and how to accomplish life goals and maintain balance in your life.

Kris opens by talking about how many people often feel like they’re “... always going to come up empty…. [They’re] always going to feel like … [they’re] not measuring up, … [they’re] not going to be good enough. … [They’re] chasing that next thing.” He then suggest “... [w]e should be able to recognize our innate value and how we’re enough just as we are.” Many people often need to realize they’re personal value, worth, and what they can bring to a company before they actually move to chase the career they wanted. “Creating that awareness is number one.”

Kris also shared his a little about his own journey of discovery: “I was earnestly seeking, trying to figure out what fit for me, what I was interested in, et cetera…. I’m so glad I did because the path I took was much better aligned with me, my values, who I am as a person… We have to give ourselves permission and embrace the idea that we’re the primary asset of the organization and as such, we have to invest in that asset.” You deserve to prioritize your personal career and growth, because that is when you begin to find a career that best suits you.

It is also important to foster that same understanding for the people that we direct or lead. “It’s one thing for me to feel empowered and that I can be true to myself and chase my dreams. All that’s really great. But if I’m a leader of a team, I also need to be creating an environment where I can allow others that I’m working with to do the same.” Leaders need to allow that flexibility to their employees and/or team members. Doing this allows for you and your business to have people who are truly passionate about what they do and are willing to learn and grow for the business.

You can listen to the full episode at, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts, just search “HCI Podcast”.

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