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The Employee Experience Trifecta - HR, IT and Internal Communications, with Carolyn Clark

Carline Clark recently joined Jonathan Westover on Human Capital Innovations podcast to discuss how HR, IT and Internal Communications can help to improve your employees experience and how to apply it to your organization.

One of the first things that needs to be understood is that “... [e]mployee experience is every single touch point in an employee’s life.” All leaders should “really consider [themselves] as advocates for the employee wherever [they] are.” You want your employees to feel safe and comfortable within the workspace by doing simple things, from accommodating different practices that students follow for religious reasons, to making sure that your employees are told the truth and understand what is expected from them. “The people who are doing it right are the places who have evolved and who are now creating spaces where you can connect, you can get informed, and you can have this community.”

Next, Carolyn suggests we should “... [r]eflect on [our] own organizations, what’s going well? What could be improved upon.” Carolyn also notes, “... the people who are thriving are the ones who are figuring out how to create those experiences [with effective HR and communication management] digitally so that everybody can be part of the culture of the company….”

Finally, Carolyn suggests that we should “... take these two pieces of advice and the broader conversation we’ve had today and try to see how you can apply it in your particular context.”

You can listen to the full episode at, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts, just search “HCI Podcast”.

Read the full transcript below: