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Perspective Swapping: The Key to Building Empathy and Driving Innovation in the Workplace

Attention all HR and business leaders! If you're looking for a powerful tool to build empathy and better understand the workings of your organization, products, and systems, then look no further than perspective swapping. This simple yet effective technique can help you break down barriers, promote innovation, and interrupt cognitive biases in the workplace.

I recently came across an excellent article on this topic by Rebecca Hinds, PhD, published in the Harvard Business Review. In this article, she explains how perspective swapping can support organizational change, build culture, and foster more innovative thinking. By swapping perspectives with others, we can gain a deeper understanding of their needs and experiences, and better align our actions and decisions to meet them.

The benefits of perspective swapping are clear, but how can we put this technique into practice? One approach is to encourage employees to engage in regular conversations with colleagues from different departments or roles, to gain a better understanding of their perspectives. Another approach is to encourage managers to swap roles with their direct reports for a day, to gain a better understanding of the challenges they face.

Whatever approach you choose, the key is to make perspective swapping a regular part of your organizational culture. By doing so, you'll create a workplace that is more empathetic, innovative, and responsive to change. So, if you're looking to disrupt the default and create a more flexible and dynamic workplace, I encourage you to check out this fantastic article by Rebecca!



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