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People Management and Culture Building to Service Entrepreneurs and Their Teams, with Nicky Billou

Recently, Nicky Billou, best selling author and host of The Thought Leader Revolution podcast, sat down with Jonathan Westover to have a conversation about working with entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow and find success.

Nicky first decided to work with entrepreneurs because of his dad, and one of the main things that has always stuck with him is that “business [is first] about people, not money”. He notes how important it is to keep in mind that “that person sitting in front of you, [...] is someone’s brother, [...] father, [...] mother,[...] daughter [...]. That someone is a hero to somebody.”

Nicky also talked about how that applies to both customers and your employees. “You gotta have a group of people that love the idea of being there for you but also feel respected and that their contributions matter." He said, “be people focused [...] show people, hey, there’s an opportunity here for you to be the best that you can be” and work towards providing that space constantly. “Any human being who wants to be successful is going to focus on serving people.”

Nicky also shared his perspective on the best ways to sell your business. He notes that when someone asks you what you do, you shouldn't brag about your business, but rather “talk about your customers and how you help them. That’s what they’re interested in. [...] The only thing that makes me worthwhile or great is that I’m somebody who cares enough about people to give a damn and wants to solve their problems.” He talks about how business is all about figuring out “what is their pain? What do they need? [...] business [is] solving problems for people,” and just happens to help you make a profit. “Reframe selling to serving”, but never forget that “if you’re not a believer in making a difference for people, then you’re not going to succeed.”

You can listen to the full episode at, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts, just search “HCI Podcast”.

Check out the full interview transcript below: