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People as Your Organization’s Competitive Advantage

Marc Reigenrath, CEO and Cofounder of the digital marketing agency Spinutech, recently met with Jonathan Westover on the Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast to discuss why investing in your people is beneficial to your company, and how you can implement some of those practices yourself.

Marc talked about starting a company with the mindset that your employees are your most valuable asset. Dr. Westover added, “If you want to continually add value to the market, it's not enough to just have good systems and good technologies. You have to have good people with the creativity and the innovation…” that allows you to get ahead of your competitors. Marc also talked about how Spinutech “... didn't come from corporate America where we maybe tried to adapt to what we thought should be done. It was more about let's do what we think is best for us and build a place where we want to work at as well and have fun.”

Another key part of their conversation was discussing how you can maintain those practices that prioritize employees as the company grows. Marc talked about how you need to “... highlight and acknowledge and celebrate people…” that work both for and with you. He also mentions “that it has been so critical for our growth to [...] ingrain and embed [prioritizing your people] into the DNA of the organization." Additionally, he said, “It may be harder to prove that out on paper, [... you get] way more than the investment than you would put in it to…" when you put time and money towards your employees.

You can listen to the full episode at, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts, just search “HCI Podcast”.

See the full transcript of the interview below:

Welcome to the Human Capital innovations Podcast. Thank you. Excited to be here? Yeah, it's a pleasure to be with you today. You're joining us from Iowa. I'm Self of Salt Lake City in Utah and today we're going to be talking about people as your organization's competitive advantage. As we were talking in the pre interview, I'm all about a people centric organization leveraging the capacity of your people to help the organization succeed and to add value and bring out value to the marketplace. And I think most people would say, yes, that's important, but what people say versus what they do and the policies, practices, procedures put in place within organization sometimes tell a different story, right, or might push different types of outcomes and perhaps even what the intended outcomes are that you're shooting for. So we're going to unpack this and explore together today how we might be able to leverage our organization's people, the workers and employees, from freelance to gig workers that might work on projects with your organization to parttime fulltime staff and employees to help you