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New Indies Today Book Review on The Future Leader

Check out the new 5-star book review from Indies Today on Dr. Westover's new book, The Future Leader: Creating & Transforming Next Gen Organizations.

"An intelligent and fast-moving collection of hard-won and thoughtful advice."

What kind of person are you? Do you thrive under compassionate leadership, or do you find that people often look to you for direction? If the latter is true in your case, improving your leadership skills in a rapidly changing environment is not only beneficial, but is absolutely vital. We don’t exist in the job market of our grandparents or even our parents, so we must adapt our approach if we want to succeed and thrive. The Future Leader: Creating & Transforming Next Gen Organizations is an intelligent and fast-moving collection of hard-won and thoughtful advice for honing our personal leadership competencies. Between real-life examples, interviews with effective leaders, relevant quotes from cultures across the globe, and common-sense techniques, Westover offers tips that are sure to make an impact. And for the true leader willing to put forth the effort, this impact will be felt on the job, personally, and in the community.

This third installment from The Remarkable Leadership Series is presented in an easy-to-use format with captivating pictures, helpful review sections, golden ideas captured from the previous two books, and opportunities for readers to take notes and put their goals in writing. However, Westover makes no claims that this transformation will be effortless or without difficulties. The very notion of servant leadership implies action, and this kind-hearted guide has no shortage of upbeat, proven suggestions to help us become more compassionate, humble, approachable, and effective leaders. One standout point in this modern guidebook is the idea that every situation we deal with in our leadership role is unique, calling for the dexterity and temerity to pivot, adjust, and learn from our mistakes. This is a valuable perspective that we can’t afford to ignore. The world is changing fast and complacency is our enemy if we want to remain useful, so do yourself and everyone around you a favor by earnestly applying the bounteous advice in The Future Leader.

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