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New HCI Webinar: The Definitive Guide: Employee Experience, with Josh Bersin

Today, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover had the opportunity to talk again with Josh Bersin about his new report, The Definitive Guide: Employee Experience (published July 14, 2021; see Check out the podcast here:

EX has evolved from a niche topic that only the most forward-thinking CHROs worked, on to a c-suite priority. The report crystallizes the key best HR and HR tech practices CEOs need to embed into their organizations to deliver excellent EX. Most significantly, the report finds that while technology is important, trust in leadership, transparency, and inclusion are what really moves the needle here. The six key EX best practices Employee Experience: The Definitive Guide identifies are:

  1. Focus on trust, transparency, inclusion and care

  2. The importance of a supportive culture

  3. Innovation and sustainable growth depend on equitable rewards and building communities at work

  4. Consistent, mission-first people investments in any business climate improve business performance

  5. EX excellence leads directly to increased profit

  6. HR capability and the right technologies are vital to great EX

Josh Bersin ( founded Bersin & Associates in 2001 to provide research and advisory services focused on corporate learning. He expanded the company’s coverage to encompass HR, talent management, talent acquisition, and leadership and became a recognized expert in the talent market. Bersin sold the company to Deloitte in 2012 and was a partner in Bersin by Deloitte up until 2018. In 2019, Bersin founded the Josh Bersin Academy, a professional development academy which has become the “home for HR.” In 2020, he put together a team of analysts and advisors who are now working with him to support and guide HR organizations from around the world. Recently published research covers topics such as business resilience in the pandemic, HR technology market trends, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. He is frequently featured in publications such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, HR Executive, The Wall Street Journal, and CLO Magazine. He is a popular blogger and has more than 800,000 followers on LinkedIn.



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