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The new interface addresses HR’s most challenging 1:1 engagement gap—nurturing neurodiversity inclusion.

CHARLOTTE, NC, Jan. 16, 2024 — Leantime, a developer of AI-powered, science-based workplace experience solutions, today announced the launch of its redesigned interface that reimagines work engagement, marking a pivotal milestone in the company's journey toward enhancing individualized work experiences while leveraging the core principles of behavioral science. With this redesign, Leantime is bridging the gaps in employee engagement and neurodiversity inclusion—areas where traditional HR initiatives have faced challenges. 

Leantime is focused on supporting startups and SMBs as entrepreneurship runs deeply through the neurodivergent skill set. They are less likely to be risk averse, are great problem solvers, and hard working. In fact, people with ADHD are 300% more likely to start a business—often due to the flexibility, ownership, and opportunities that the individual can self create and where workplaces have often missed them. Studies found that 35% of entrepreneurs have dyslexia compared to only 15% of the general population. Famous neurodivergent entrepreneurs include Steve Jobs (dyslexia), Bill Gates (ADHD), and Elon Musk (autism).Across the board, the traditional workplace is failing both employees and neurodivergent employees with the global employee engagement rate having fallen to 21%, costing trillions in lost productivity and turnover. This drop stems from a lack of purpose-driven work, inconsistent employee experiences, and insufficient feedback, transparency, and communication. Traditional HR surveys, giveaways, and work management tools fall short in fostering communication, motivation, and the ability to see tangible impact, exacerbating the issue rather than resolving it.

With 1 in 5 being neurodivergent, and with the top neurodivergent careers encompassing small business owners, entrepreneurs, software developers, project managers, and marketing professionals, there is likely a neurodivergent person on every team.

“Initiatives at work are failing due to the absence of consistent and personalized approaches in how work is organized and executed,” says Gloria Folaron, co-founder and CEO of Leantime. “This gap underscores the critical need to reframe how we work, emphasizing the 'why' behind tasks (creating focus and direction) while nurturing a more personalized and relational experience for each employee. Putting engagement where we track the work is something that makes so much sense but hasn’t been done.”

Reports showcase a 30% increase in productivity within neurodiverse teams and that inclusive organizations generate 19% more revenue, emphasizing the significance of promoting neurodiversity inclusion. Impacting inclusion starts with startups and SMBs as they build the future unicorns and are looking for ways to create culture, differentiate their businesses and be set up for success.

Built with a foundation of neurodivergence and ADHD needs, the new redesign is the result of extensive Phase 1 validation, focused on simplifying project management, gathering user feedback, and incorporating cognitive accessibility principles. Phase 2 further establishes Leantime's commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI and behavioral science features to empower users.

Key features of the redesigned platform include:

  • AI Task Breakdown: Utilizing AI, Leantime now offers task breakdown functionality, automatically dissecting tasks into essential subtasks for streamlined project execution.

  • Customizable "My Work" Widget Board: Users can now personalize their workspace by dragging, sizing, and selecting widgets according to their preferences.

  • Time Boxing with Calendar Integration: Seamless synchronization with external calendars enables efficient time blocking for work-related tasks via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

  • Task-Switching Reminders (Pomodoro): To foster productivity and efficiency, the platform now includes customizable timers that strategically remind users when to transition between tasks, ensuring optimal focus and workflow management.

  • Notes Feature on “My Work” Boards: A versatile addition to the "My Work" board, the notes feature allows users to create checklists, take notes, and organize project details effortlessly.

  • Visual Project Hub: A visually oriented project hub caters to individuals who prefer accessing their projects in a more intuitive visual format.

  • Enhanced Goal Progress Tracking: Improved widget views now showcase goal progress, enhancing project visibility and management.

Alongside these new features, Leantime is also unveiling a plug-in marketplace for its open-source community, allowing users to enhance their existing tools while retaining data ownership.

"This release represents a defining shift in how we approach inclusion in software, neurodiversity, and meaningful work," says Marcel Folaron, co-founder and CTO of Leantime. "By collaborating with behavioral scientists, Leantime is laying the groundwork to provide actionable 1:1 guidance through personalized experiences. This will empower users to set goals effectively and navigate their work journey with clarity and purpose.”

As Leantime continues its exponential growth, with over 25,500 installations across open-source and cloud platforms, the company is strategically fundraising to bolster integrations, facilitate seamless migration, and develop a mobile application. The mobile app aims to support neurodivergent employees and enhance user adoption.


ABOUT LEANTIME: Leantime is an easy and engaging work management app that helps startups and SMBs focus their limited resources and build a more efficient and intentional team through behavioral science and AI. Built with neurodivergence and ADHD in mind, Leantime helps business owners and their teams bring in the structure and process necessary to feel a sense of purpose and progress in an often constrained environment. For more information, visit



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