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Leading with Heart - Unlocking Creativity, Purpose, and Results, with Edward Sullivan

CEO of Velocity Coaching and author of Leading with Heart, Edward Sullivan joined Jonathan Westover in a recent episode of Human Capital Innovations Podcast to discuss his book about how leaders can encourage employees to push creativity, purpose, and results.

Edward “wrote the book as a way to get this whole idea of balancing the head and the heart; of really helping people build these muscles, these conversational muscles, so that they can have more connected conversations” with coworkers and employees about the expectations of different projects and jobs. "When you can really connect with people, that's when they do the best work of their careers."

Edward further suggests that "... if you want people to do their best work consistently over time, they have to feel really bought into it. They have to be committed and loyal to the cause, to the work that they're doing, to the organization, its customers." Edward and Jonathan discussed how to build these conversations and work-place environments that allow you to reap a myriad of positive results.

Something that is incredibly important to keep in mind is that “... you could have the coolest perks in the world. It's just not going to matter because nobody wants to wake up and go to work every day for a boss that they can't stand working with or with coworkers where there's a toxic competitive environment….”

Edward suggests that being a good leader includes "... creating an environment which people feel like they can push back… Or they can say, I don't know." A common misconception is that "The perfect leader makes everyone else … feel like they need to be perfect too. Right? And then everyone's wasting half their energy pretending to be okay." Edward makes the case that you want your employees to understand that it is okay to not be perfect. Make them feel like they can "... bring the most intractable problems [they] have. Bring them to the executive team, bring them to this office, and [you and your employee can] solve them together."

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