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How to Make an Impact and be Heard Every Time You Share a Message, with Chloe Oestreich

Chloe Oestreich sat down with Jonathan Westover on the Human Capital Innovations Podcast to discuss her job and how she helps leading organizations to help CEOs with how to be heard, effectively communicate, and how to lead with an impact.

Chloe talked about how an important part of making “an impact and be[ing] heard every time you share a message” is to understand that "... executive presence is made up of physical, vocal, and mental presence." At the end of the day, “We want to accomplish our goals” and “the key is to increase your level of self awareness, to recognize your motivators, your drivers, your derailers, your belief system, your value system." Doing this allows you to see yourself in a more clear light. It is then your “responsibility to foster a level of emotional maturity” so you can understand where you are coming from. One you realize that, you can express that more clearly to others, thereby putting your point across more clearly and making it easier for people to hear and understand you. “It ultimately starts with having the courage to look inward and to start asking yourself some really insightful and thought provoking questions”.

Chloe also shared her perspectives on heping people to develop a project or a pitch: "If we can’t see [the people we’re talking to] for who they are and what they bring to the table and meet them where they’re at, much of our efforts are going to be lost on them.” You need to be able to understand yourself when it comes to getting your point across, but also understanding the people that you are communicating with. “Part of it is cross cultural competency and cultural awareness that we need to be able to navigate these different settings.”

Lasly, you need to understand that “... every good leader is one who’s able to influence those around them in meaningful, positive, and healthy ways.” When trying to get a message across to someone, whether that be for work or personal relationships, you need to ensure that it is coming from a positive place. “Ultimately, the goal of all this impact, influence”, is to share your ideas with others. Think about the kind of impact and influence you want to have on the people around you. If you come from a good place, they are far more likely to want you as a leader and to take your message to heart.

You can listen to the full episode at, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts, just search “HCI Podcast”.

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