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HCI Webinar: The ROI of Gratitude, Active Gratitude, and the Gratitude Lifestyle

In this HCI Webinar, Dr. Westover talks with Kristin Petrucci about the importance of gratitude, a gratitude lifestyle, and the ROI of gratitude.

See the video here:

Check out the podcast here:

Kristin Petrucci ( received her post graduate positive psychology training from the University of Utah. It helped save her life after suffering from brain trauma and damage in March of 2016. Known as the Mindset Architect, She is a Mother of 5 kids, Transformational Speaker, Corporate Mindfulness Consultant and Executive Coach. Her main focus is to Build a Victory mindset incorporating micro-practices: gratitude, wonder and connection--helping others thrive not just surviive. She practices a Gratitude Lifestyle and is the author of: Daily Reflections: Therapeutic Gratitude Practice Journal, Host of Gratitude Stories, Founder of KP Speaks, Buonaforchettaut, & Co-founder of Women Soul Summit



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