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HCI Webinar: "The Importance of Self-Awareness and Humility in Successful Leadership"

In this HCI Webinar, Dr. Westover talks with Lee Eisenstaedt, of the Leading With Courage® Academy, about characteristics of effective leadership, particularly the importance of self-awareness and humility. #HumanCapitalInnovations #Leadership #SelfAwareness #Humility

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Lee Eisenstaedt ( brings more than 35 years of diverse leadership, finance and operations experience to the clients of the Leading With Courage® Academy ( The CFO of SC Johnson has described Lee as a well-rounded businessman because he’s “…worked for more than two companies, in more than two functions, in more than two countries.”

Lee focuses on helping individuals and teams, in employee- and family-owned organizations, realize peace of mind and confidence from being more effective leaders and managers. This is accomplished with the leadership workshops and assessments and a process for succession planning offered through the Leading with Courage®Academy which are based on his fourth book, Leading With Courage: The Nine Critical Behaviors of Effective Leaders and Managers (June 2019). Priorto founding Leading With Courage® Academy, Lee was a founding partner of L. Harris Partners, LLC, during which time he surveyed/interviewed several thousand clients of professional services firms. He has been a Chief Operating Officer of a Top 5 and a Top 50 CPA firm.

Lee spent the majority of his ca