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HCI Webinar: Successful Talent Management to Drive Organizational Success, with David Yudis

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Westover talks with Dr. David Yudis about successful talent management and development to drive organizational success.

See the video here:

Check out the podcast here:

David Yudis ( is a relentless champion of organizational talent. He invests in people. In working collaboratively with clients, he decreases the distance between them and their next success. He has a depth of experience working closely with global, senior executives to build the skills that inspire others to align and win during challenging times. He is nimble identifying areas of individual, team and organizational need while leveraging existing strengths to achieve results. He is expert in working with leaders in the areas of organizational culture and dynamics, interpersonal communication and executive branding to bring about change. He is also a master facilitator designing process and delivering programs in sales, strategy, innovation and succession planning. David’s talent development is grounded in his experience as a senior human resources executive and management consultant in a variety of organizations and settings. He combines both art and science in his approach to problems. He has worked extensively as a global advisor to senior management of highly competitive organizations that range from small cap to large multinational corporations comprised of thousands of employees. “Knowledge” is power when a person understands their ability to impact others. David builds others knowledge. His consulting services have provided links between employee engagement and business performance. Find more about him here:



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