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HCI Webinar: Self-Leadership and the Difference Between a Job and a Career, with Dr. Benjamin Ritter

In the latest HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Dr. Benjamin Ritter about self-leadership and the difference between a job and a career. Below is a summary of the main points from their conversation! Check out the full episode and let us know what you think!

Watch the episode here:

Self Leadership in Career Paths

The guest, Dr. Benjamin Ritter, shared his extensive career experiences across various industries including healthcare and coaching. He emphasized the importance of self leadership, which he defined as taking accountability for one's decision-making towards intentional creation of one's desired outcomes. Jonathan acknowledged the unpredictability of career paths and the significance of self leadership. The discussion laid a foundation for a broader conversation on self leadership, which would be continued in the future meetings.

Self-Leadership and Personal Growth

Jonathan emphasized the importance of self-leadership and taking ownership of one's choices and responses to external constraints. He stressed the need to avoid blaming others and to instead focus on personal growth and decision-making. Ben, expanding on this, likened self-leadership to the growth of a tree, with one's core values serving as the trunk and interests and goals springing out from it. She highlighted the importance of ensuring that decisions align with one's core values for a healthy personal growth. Both agreed on the significance of self-reflection and seeking help when necessary to navigate this journey of self-leadership.

Disruption and Innovation in the Workplace

Jonathan and Ben discussed the difference between job and career in the context of disruption and innovation in the workplace. Ben emphasized that a career can be seen as a trunk with jobs being the branches that contribute to its overall trajectory, highlighting that the importance of individual jobs lessens when viewed in the broader context of a career. Jonathan concurred, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive perspective towards career setbacks and changes, viewing them as part of a broader career journey.

Embracing Setbacks: A Path to Growth and Opportunity

Jonathan shared his personal experiences and perspectives on career setbacks and disappointments, emphasizing that they often lead to better opportunities in the future. He encouraged the idea of staying open-minded and adaptable as the nature of work continues to shift and change. The doctor echoed these sentiments, reminding listeners that they are the authors of their own story and can choose to view setbacks as opportunities for growth. Both speakers also stressed the importance of not becoming too attached to specific opportunities, as this can limit one's ability to adapt and seize new chances as they arise. They encouraged listeners to apply to opportunities sooner rather than later, and to view setbacks as a means for learning and growth rather than as the end of a path.

Self-Leadership and Career Growth

Jonathan and Ben discussed the importance of self-leadership and taking initiative in one's career. Dr. Ritter shared his experiences and insights through his website,, and LinkedIn, where he is a top voice in career development. They encouraged the audience to connect with Dr. Ritter for more information and to explore opportunities for personal and career growth.

Listen to the webinar here:



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