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HCI Webinar: Resilience and Overcoming Adversity to Drive Leadership Development, with Tyrone Smith

In this HCI Podcast interview, Dr. Westover talks with Tyrone Smith about resilience and overcoming adversity to drive leadership development.

See the video here:

Check out the podcast here:

Former NFL Player I Business Professional I Author I Motivational Speaker I Mentor I Youth Advocate I Husband I Father

Tyrone Smith ( is a nationally recognized lecturer and motivational speaker. After he retired from playing in the National Football League (NFL), Tyrone dedicated his life to empowering youth and young adults. He established First and Goal, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on providing programs and services to enhance academic, social and moral development. Every life has purpose and everyone has the opportunity to do a greater good in the lives of others. It is this belief that has driven Tyrone to implement successful youth development programs throughout the state of Texas and California, and also create the Journey Beyond Dreams College Experience Program that has enabled thousands of youth to gain the confidence needed in themselves and their abilities to succeed and graduate from college. Tyrone’s philosophy, which stresses educational prowess and proactive social behavior, helps today’s youth and young adults become the leaders of tomorrow.

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