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HCI Webinar: Real-Time and 3-Dimensional Leadership, with David Noble

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In the latest HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with David Noble about real-time and 3-dimensional leadership. Below is a summary of the main points from their conversation! Check out the full episode and let us know what you think!

Watch the episode here:

Real-Time Leadership & 3D Leadership

During the meeting, Jonathan and David discussed the concept of 'real time leadership' and '3 dimensional leadership'. David emphasized the importance of leaders being able to make the most of every moment and overcome reflexes in response to challenges. He also defined '3 dimensional leadership' as showing up as a whole person, balancing individual expertise with accountability and empathy for others. They agreed on the significance of systems thinking in today's rapidly changing environment.

3D Leadership: Priorities, Growth, and Impact

David and Jonathan discussed the importance of 3-dimensional leadership, which involves considering one's external goals, internal character, and the ability to relate to others. They emphasized the need for leaders to be clear on their priorities, work on their growth edges, and adapt their approach to meet the needs of their team. Jonathan stressed the importance of understanding individual differences in communication styles and tailoring one's approach accordingly. The pair also encouraged leaders to ask themselves frequently about the impact of their actions and interactions with others.

Results vs Methods: A Leadership Dilemma

Jonathan stressed the importance of results-driven leadership but cautioned against using questionable methods to achieve those results. He noted that such an approach can lead to mistrust and a lack of long-term success. David agreed and pointed out that there are different ways to drive results, such as with empathy and generosity. Jonathan then used examples from an organization to illustrate the contrast between a leader who prioritizes getting things done at any cost and one who prioritizes being kind and respectful. He suggested that both leaders had room for growth and noted that every leader has areas they need to work on.

Self-Awareness and Agility in Leadership: Fostering Hope and Relational Success

Jonathan and David discussed the importance of self-awareness, reflective practice, and agility for effective leadership in a rapidly changing world. They emphasized the need for leaders to generate options for success and navigate challenges with different approaches. David explained the concept of "hope theory" and the importance of having multiple pathways to a goal. They also introduced the idea of the "platinum rule" for relating to others, which involves understanding and responding to their needs.

Reflective Communication Strategies

Jonathan shared an experience where he responded in a way that he later reflected was not effective. He acknowledged that his response may have been appropriate given the history with the person and the circumstances, but it short-circuited any opportunity for a successful resolution. Jonathan emphasized the importance of taking time to reflect on interactions and trying different approaches in future conversations to build more rapport and trust. David agreed, suggesting the use of real-time reflection and anticipation of future conversations to improve communication.

David's Work and Book Discussion

Jonathan and David had a conversation about David's work and his book. David shared that the audience can learn more about him and his work at and can purchase his book by searching for 'real time leadership' on their favorite search engine. Jonathan encouraged the audience to reach out to David and check out his book. The discussion ended with Jonathan mentioning that the episode they recorded will be released next Monday.

Listen to the episode here:



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