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HCI Webinar: Implementing Mindfulness in the Workplace, with Marcy Westcott

In this HCI Webinar, Dr. Westover talks with Marcy Westcott about the importance of mindfulness and implementing mindfulness in the workplace.

See the video here:

Check out the podcast here:

Founder of The Still State Meditation & Mindfulness Instruction, Marcy Westcott ( spent 20 years in sales and service management with American Honda Motor Company. There she experienced firsthand how stress and anxiety in the workplace affects both the well-being of people and a business’s bottom line. Over the last 15 years as an entrepreneur, Marcy has served in leadership positions on boards of non-profits and civic organizations. She is certified as a Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor (CMMI) through the McLean Meditation Institute and has advanced certification in Mindfulness @Work, a program designed to train instructors to take mindfulness into the workplace. Marcy has been published on LinkedIn, Elephant Journal, and Thrive Global. She works with individuals, businesses, and other organizations and is dedicated to improving well-being and quality of life in the business environment. Her mission is to help businesses and organizations enhance perspective and improve culture in order to reduce workplace stress and bring awareness to the importance of employee well-being.



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