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HCI Webinar: How To Develop Confidence and Lead Yourself First, with Bradley Hamner

In the latest HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Bradley Hamner about how to develop confidence and lead yourself first. Below is a summary of the main points from their conversation! Check out the full episode and let us know what you think!

Watch the episode here:


Jonathan and Bradley discussed personal development, leadership, handling setbacks, and confidence-building in their conversation. Bradley emphasized the significance of implementing ideas and introduced a framework called MIT for business success. They also touched on the concepts of imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, and the importance of continuous learning. Bradley and Jonathan also talked about planning and reflection, including the "perfect repeatable week" system, to boost confidence and achieve personal and professional success. They invited listeners to consider implementing these strategies and connect with them for further support.

Confidence and Leadership Development

Jonathan and Bradley discussed the importance of developing confidence and leadership skills. Jonathan emphasized the need to prioritize personal development before leading others, while Bradley shared his entrepreneurial journey and the challenges he faced. The conversation also focused on handling setbacks and failures, with Bradley emphasizing the significance of self-reflection and learning from mistakes. Finally, Jonathan asked Bradley about his methods for developing confidence in those he coaches, especially during times of external pressure.

Idea Implementation in Business

Bradley emphasized the importance of implementing ideas in business and not just gathering them. He gave an example of a client who started documenting their sales process, showing that implementation is a crucial step towards progress. Bradley introduced a framework called MIT, which involves thinking about the business, giving energy to the team, and protecting one's confidence. He stressed that running a business can be challenging and encouraged everyone to dedicate time to think about their business and protect their confidence.

Imposter Syndrome: Doubts, Action, Ideation, Humility, Confidence

Bradley and Jonathan discussed the concept of imposter syndrome and the doubts that often accompany it. Bradley emphasized the importance of action despite uncertainty, while Jonathan highlighted the value of thoughtful ideation and implementation. They also touched on the need for intellectual humility and the ability to translate ideas into practice. The conversation concluded with Jonathan raising a question about balancing confidence and doubt, leaving the answer to be continued in the next meeting.

Analysis Paralysis in Decision-Making

Bradley and Jonathan talked about analysis paralysis in business decision-making. Bradley explained that when faced with a lack of options or an overwhelming number of them, it helps to seek advice from others or learn from those who have gone through similar experiences. He also emphasized the importance of an "undeniable stack of proof" to evaluate the credibility of advice given. The conversation touched upon the balance between self-assurance and self-doubt in decision-making and the importance of continuous learning for business growth. Towards the end, they started to explore the idea of developing a structured framework for building confidence week by week. Bradley shared an example of practicing gratitude as a way of building confidence.

Gratitude, Winning, and Weekly Planning

Bradley discussed his struggles with gratitude and the importance of capturing wins in order to boost confidence. He introduced the concept of a "perfect repeatable week" and encouraged Jonathan to plan his week ahead, especially on Sunday evenings. This included reflecting on wins from the previous week, which Bradley found helpful even in difficult weeks. Bradley also highlighted the importance of energy management and encouraged the use of a template to map out the perfect repeatable week.

Planning, Reflection, and Dreams: Keys to Success.

Bradley and Jonathan discussed the importance of planning and reflection in creating a successful and fulfilling week. They emphasized the value of the Sunday night planning system, which involves reviewing the wins from the previous week and preparing for the upcoming one. They also emphasized the importance of carving out time to reflect on successes and challenges, as these can easily be lost in the busyness of daily life. Bradley also highlighted the importance of designing your business in a way that aligns with your dreams and aspirations. Finally, they invited listeners to consider implementing these strategies and connect with them for further support.

Listen to the episode here:

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