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HCI Webinar: How Onboarding/Offboarding Can Make or Break Your Employee Retention, with Rick Hammell

In the latest HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Rick Hammell about how your company’s onboarding/offboarding process can make or break your employee retention. Below is a summary of the main points from their conversation! Check out the full episode and let us know what you think!

Watch the episode here:

Quick Recap

Rick and Jonathan had a detailed conversation about HR-related topics. They discussed the significance of employee experience, the complexities of global HR management, and the importance of effective retention strategies and offboarding processes. They stressed the potential negative impacts of mishandling the offboarding process and the need to understand and respect local diversity, equity, and inclusion contexts in a global organization.

Employee Experience and Global Expansion

Jonathan emphasized the importance of employee experience in modern organizations, highlighting that it can significantly impact their reputation and ability to attract and retain talent. They introduced Rick Hammell, the founder of Atlas, a company established in 2015 to streamline global expansion for businesses. Rick shared their personal and professional journey, beginning in HR and eventually founding Atlas, which focuses on fostering equitable opportunities for businesses to compete on a global scale. Rick also discussed their upcoming investment project, aimed at automating HR processes to enhance the employee experience, particularly for remote teams.

Global HR Management Challenges and Adaptations

Jonathan and Rick discussed the complexities of global HR management, emphasizing the importance of streamlined processes and cultural adaptation. Jonathan highlighted the challenges of operating in multiple countries and the need for trusted processes. Rick pointed out that 80% of onboarding is similar irrespective of the location, but the remaining 20% requires local adaptation. They stressed the importance of understanding and respecting cultural nuances and adapting HR processes to suit local needs. Both agreed on the need for a balance between consistency and local adaptation in their global HR practices.

Offboarding Processes: Impact and Importance

Jonathan and Rick discussed the importance of effective offboarding processes in organizations. Rick emphasized the need for clear communication and ensuring a positive experience for departing employees. They highlighted the potential negative impact of mishandling the offboarding process, such as creating a bad employee experience or even legal implications. The conversation also touched on the role of onboarding in ripple effects on retention rates, turnover, and the ability to attract top talent. Rick stressed the importance of setting realistic expectations during the onboarding process, over-communication, and creating a culture where all employees feel comfortable and have a voice.

Retention Strategies: Key to Employee Trust

Jonathan emphasized the importance of effective retention strategies in organizations, stating that mistakes such as recurring paycheck errors can lead to employee frustration and loss of trust in leadership. They highlighted the ripple effect of these issues, as disgruntled employees may share their experiences, negatively impacting morale and potentially leading to further resignations. Rick agreed, pointing out that a leader's ability to retain talent is crucial, and if a leader consistently drives good talent away, it may be necessary for the business to reconsider their role.

Global DEI Contexts and Local Adjustments

Jonathan and Rick discussed the importance of understanding and respecting local diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) contexts in a global organization. Rick shared their experience of having a team in Brazil and realizing that their American-centric view of diversity was not representative of the team's needs. They realized that they needed to be more inclusive and make adjustments based on the team's specific needs. Rick also noted that this shift positively impacted their retention rates in foreign markets. Both agreed on the need to talk to people on the ground to better understand their experiences and expectations around DEI issues.

Work-Related Discussion and LinkedIn Engagement

Jonathan and Rick wrapped up a discussion on work-related matters, with Rick expressing their willingness to engage with HR and payroll professionals via LinkedIn for feedback on their upcoming organization. Rick appreciated the opportunity and the engaging conversation, and Jonathan encouraged their audience to connect with Rick for more information. They briefly reflected on the use of technology in their discussions, noting its effectiveness in filtering out background noise. Jonathan mentioned that they would edit the episode and schedule it for release the following morning.

Listen to the webinar here:



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