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HCI Webinar: Getting in the Driver’s Seat of Your Own Career, with Randi Roberts

In the latest HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Randi Roberts about getting in the driver’s seat of your own career. Below is a summary of the main points from their conversation! Check out the full episode and let us know what you think!

Watch the episode here:

Quick Recap

The conversation between Jonathan and Randi covered a range of topics related to careers and personal well-being. They discussed the importance of personal ownership and responsibility in career development, the shift in career dynamics, the importance of self-advocacy, the effects of the pandemic on careers, finding enjoyment and satisfaction in work, the role of connections in building careers, and the importance of self-awareness during career transitions. They also mentioned a forthcoming resource and a planned session on the impact of trust on careers.

Career Development and Ownership

Jonathan and Randi discussed the importance of personal ownership and responsibility in career development, particularly in light of the growing trend of career changes. Jonathan shared his own experience of having multiple roles, while Randi, a career coach, emphasized the importance of finding balance and helping clients unlock their full potential. They highlighted their diverse backgrounds and how these experiences shape their perspectives. They also touched on the shift in career dynamics over the past few decades, with more people now switching careers. The discussion was set to delve deeper into the reasons why taking control of one's career is crucial.

Career Paths and Organizational Loyalty

Jonathan H. Westover and Randi Roberts discussed the shift in career paths, noting that it's less common for individuals to stay with the same organization for their entire career. Randi emphasized the importance of individuals taking control of their career development and understanding their own needs and strengths. She encouraged people to forge their own paths and not rely solely on their organizations for career growth. Jonathan emphasized the need for individuals to recognize that organizations may not always have their best interests at heart, and that loyalty should not be assumed.

Self-Advocacy and Career Growth Discussion

Jonathan and Randi discussed the importance of self-advocacy in one's career, emphasizing that relying on others, like bosses, to look out for one's interests is not always effective. They also highlighted how personal circumstances such as family situations can change over time, leading to different needs and priorities in one's career. Both agreed that it's crucial to understand why one might want to switch jobs or careers before making any changes. They also noted that taking risks can be part of career growth and that understanding one's own risk tolerance is important.

Pandemic's Impact on Lives and Careers

Jonathan and Randi discussed the effects of the pandemic on people's lives and careers. They noted that the pandemic provided an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their priorities and values, with many deciding they wanted to spend more time with their families and pursue personal projects. Randi suggested a career satisfaction assessment on her website as a tool for people to understand their professional needs. They also highlighted the importance of growth and fun in the workplace.

Work Satisfaction and Balance

Jonathan and Randi discussed the importance of finding enjoyment and satisfaction in one's work. Jonathan shared how he manages his time among his family, work, and hobbies, and how his work brings him satisfaction. Randi advised figuring out what truly lights one up about their work and encouraged a balance between enjoyable and mundane tasks. They agreed that having a sense of purpose and satisfaction, even in everyday tasks, is crucial for maintaining a positive outlook. The conversation concluded with Randi preparing to discuss another key aspect, which she hinted might surprise people.

Networking and Career Fulfillment

Randi Roberts and Jonathan H. Westover discussed the crucial role of connections in building careers and achieving job fulfillment. Randi emphasized the importance of networks in finding new opportunities and the value of team work. Jonathan shared his friend's experience of a career transition, highlighting the shift in relationships and the need to develop new connections. They both agreed that the human component of work relationships, including both introverts and extroverts, is essential for career satisfaction and success.

Self-Awareness and Relationship Building in Career Transitions

Jonathan and Randi discussed the importance of self-awareness and developing new relationships during career transitions. Randi emphasized the need to be intentional in forming connections, especially in a post-pandemic remote work environment. She also shared that she can be reached through her website and her podcast and YouTube channel called 'Fulfilling Career, Happy Life'. The discussion concluded with Randi encouraging people to prioritize their own needs and give themselves permission to do so, as it will ultimately fuel their success.

Listen to the webinar here:



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