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HCI Webinar: Continuous, Growth, Improvement, and Enacting Change, with Alex Goryachev

In the latest HCI Webinar, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Alex Goryachev about his book, FEARLESS INNOVATION: Going Beyond The Buzzword To Continuously Drive Growth, Improve The Bottom Line, And Enact Change. Below is a summary of the main points from their conversation! Check out the full episode and let us know what you think!

Watch the episode here:

Quick Recap

The conversation between Alex and Jonathan focused on the importance of innovation, particularly within organizations. They emphasized that innovation is people-centric, not technology-driven, and requires curiosity, discipline, and commitment. They also discussed the necessity of fostering an innovation culture within organizations, creating environments where everyone's voice is heard, transparency is encouraged, and value creation is prioritized over disruption. Furthermore, they touched on the role of artificial intelligence in organizations, predicting significant disruptions and emphasizing its potential to disrupt silos and enable knowledge sharing.


Innovation: Beyond Entertainment and Shopping

Jonathan and Alex Goryachev, a former managing director of Cisco's Global Co Innovation Center and author of 'Fearless Innovation', discussed the importance of innovation. Alex shared their background in the entertainment industry and their belief that the internet can change lives beyond just entertainment and shopping. Jonathan and Alex emphasized the reliance of innovation on people rather than technology, and underscored the importance of curiosity, discipline, and commitment. They expressed skepticism towards organizations that view innovation as a buzzword rather than committing to the disciplined work it entails.

Innovation and Risk-Taking in Corporations

Alex and Jonathan discussed the importance of innovation and risk-taking within corporations. Alex argued that without embracing innovation, corporations risk becoming obsolete, citing the high rate of failed Fortune 500 companies. Jonathan agreed, noting that companies become complacent and lose their ability to be creative and innovative as they grow. They also touched on the need for clear definitions and metrics for innovation within organizations.

Innovation Culture: Empowering Employees, Breaking Silos

Alex and Jonathan discussed the importance of fostering an innovation culture within organizations. Alex emphasized the need for creating an environment where everyone's voice is heard, transparency, and focusing on value creation rather than disruption. They suggested companies should empower their employees to identify and solve problems, and execute ideas in a cross-functional manner. Jonathan agreed, highlighting the importance of breaking down silos and working collaboratively across the organization. They also discussed the pitfalls of chasing 'billion-dollar' ideas and the need to encourage experimentation and employee engagement.

Embracing AI: Disrupting Organizations and Knowledge Sharing

Alex and Jonathan discussed the importance of embracing artificial intelligence (AI) in organizations. They believed that AI is a game-changer and can act as an equalizer in an organization. They emphasized that AI could disrupt silos and remove layers, enabling employees to access information and fostering knowledge sharing. They warned against underestimating AI's potential impact, predicting that it will lead to significant disruptions. Alex shared that they are currently working with organizations on AI readiness and digital capabilities. Jonathan mentioned that many people are scared of AI and that it will be majorly disruptive in the HR tech space. The conversation ended with Jonathan mentioning the early release of the episode they were recording, which would be edited for release the next day.

Listen to the Webinar here:

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