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HCI Webinar: Assessing Life Goals and Changing Career Trajectories, with Lane Kawaoka

In this HCI Webinar, Dr. Westover talks with Lane Kawaoka about the shifts in his career, starting in civil engineering and construction management, leaving the corporate grind, and ultimately getting into real-estate and investment strategies to generate passive income streams.

See the video here:

Check out the podcast here:

Lane Kawaoka ( currently owns 3,500+ units across the US. He lives in Hawaii and recently quit his day job as a Professional Engineer with a MS in Civil Engineering & Construction Management and a BS in Industrial Engineering. Lane partners with investors who want to build their portfolio, but are too busy to mess with “tenants, toilets, and termites” by curating opportunities in his “Hui Deal Pipeline Club” where his investors have personal access to him and know that Lane is personally putting his money on the line too. The Hui Deal Pipeline Club has acquired over $255 Million dollars of real estate acquired by syndicating over $25 Million Dollars of private equity since 2016. Lane reverse engineers the wealth building strategies that the rich use to the middle class via the Top-50 Investing Podcast Lane’s mission is to help hard working professionals out of the rat race, one free strategy call at a time.



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