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HCI Webinar: Accountability, and Building Resilience in Organizations, with Dr. Russell Thackeray

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Westover talks with Dr. Russell Thackeray about performance, accountability, and building employee resilience in organizations.

See the video here:

Check out the podcast here:

Dr. Russell Thackeray ( is an expert at assisting people and organisations drive change, achieve goals and win, in a constant and sustainable way. A psychologist, coach and hypnotherapist, Dr Thackeray regularly works with the ‘soft issues’ in business by building the strong culture and emotional and mental toughness that allows people to thrive, whatever life throws at them. As a speaker, coach and trainer Dr Thackeray can be challenging, especially with senior groups in driving sustainable change by creating accountability through resilience tactics and techniques. However, he also deploys extraordinary empathy that allows him to work across levels, genders and hierarchies to ensure people are inspired and seize their opportunities in both life and at work. His fast-paced, impactful and engaging training, workshops and presentations provide real world, practical strategies and skills that improve the performance of organisations and individuals. He has also developed an innovative new approach to the evaluation of learning in organisations through a highly practical and analytical method that backs up development with statistical evidence and proof. Dr Thackeray has substantial and varied experience working within sales and marketing, operational management (including a spell as a CEO in a UK Law Firm) as well as time as an organisational development consultant and coach. He has worked with a diverse range of organisations including Central and Local Government, the National Health Service, Mercedes Benz, GKN, The Guardian, Hyundai, QinetiQ and Asda as well as for Private Equity and Venture Capitalists. As an entrepreneur, he has grown a number of organisations and has worked in the investment space with a number of UK Private Equity companies, including some major UK universities, to help them build the best people to ‘ramp up’ their investments. He is also a non-executive director of a number of digital businesses including lifestyle transformation and cruise travel companies. SHOW LESS

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