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Excellence in Company Culture and Employee Satisfaction, with Sheila Marmon

Sheila Marmon, CEO of the interactive media and advertising company Mirror Digital, recently sat down with Jonathan Westover on a recent episode of the Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast to discuss her company's recent “Best Workplace” award and key practical takeaways leaders can apply to their own organization.

Some of the many highlights of their conversation include when she explained how a “key [part of their] success, is making sure that [all] team members know that the door is open, … that they do have a voice, and they can bring their new ideas and innovations to the table.” And although this setup has a tendency to take longer, and potentially get messy, this way “lots of great ideas [come to] the table” for the company to consider and even implement that would otherwise have gone overlooked.

Company diversity and acceptance also has played a huge role in creating such a positive environment Mirror Digital and helped the firm to complete so many well-rounded and valuable projects for its clients. Marmon, herself a woman of color, believes strongly in the company’s primary goal to “internally and externally [...] amplify diverse voices.” The acceptance that is created by this mission results in “people feel[ing] empowered and they feel like they can drive the business forward the way that they choose to.” Sheila also noted how diversity results in Mirror Digital “...getting that kind of secret sauce from everybody, given their lived experience, as well as what they've learned as being marketing and media practitioners.”

Some of the ways that Sheila has implemented both the wide acceptance and democratic set-up of Mirror Digital is to “show gratitude among [...] team members every single day” as well as keeping in mind “the future, in terms of [the] workforce and making sure that [the] young people who represent us all can contribute and help [...] continue to build a successful, not only company, but economy and world.”

Sheila always tries to keep the roots of Mirror Digital at her core. She regularly reminds herself that she “wanted to build this company. This is what [Sheila] love[s] and what [she] want[s] to grow and foster.”

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