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Call for Articles: February Issue of Human Capital Leadership Magazine

Thank you for your involvement with the Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast. As a quick update, with 18,000+ listeners across more than 90 countries, the HCI Podcast has now published 328 episodes. We feel so privileged to have the opportunity to talk with so many amazing experts and organizational leaders!

In August and November we launch new Human Capital Leadership magazine. Human Capital Leadership is a free, interactive e-magazine with the mission to help individuals, leaders, and organizations find innovative approaches to maximize their human capital potential. We will be publishing issues quarterly, in August, November, February, and May.

See the PDF and online versions here:

We would invite you to contribute to the February issue of the magazine. If you are interested in contributing, we are looking for short articles (500 - 2000 words) in the following categories: (1) "Research Brief" articles, (2) "Looking Ahead" Articles, (3) "Leadership in Practice" articles, (4) "Research Insights" articles, (5) "Leadership Insights" articles, (6) "Leadership for Change" articles, (7) General Topical articles, and (8) Book Reviews. We will be starting to put together the November issue soon, so if you are interested in having your work highlighted, please make sure to get your submission to me by next Friday, February 5th, 5 pm.

Check out our first two issues and let us know what you think. Please let us know if you have any questions and we hope you will consider submitting an article for possible inclusion in a future issue of the magazine.



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