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Ashoka Exchange: "Teaching Social Innovation: Context Matters and Opportunity Knocks"

Updated: May 11, 2020

HCI Contributors, Marissa Getts and Cassie Bingham had the opportunity to present on April 17th at the the Ashoka Exchange conference! #ashokaexchange2020

The title of their session was, "Teaching Social Innovation: Context Matters and Opportunity Knocks." You can watch the video of their presentation by clicking on the picture below.

Here is the description: Developing and implementing social innovation education programs that balance various stakeholders’ needs can be complex, but need not be daunting. During this hands-on workshop session, presenters from three different institutions invite you to gain insight from the perspectives, challenges, milestones, and lessons they learned from building impactful curricula and co-curricula that cultivate changemakers on their campuses and within their communities.

The Exchange is Ashoka U’s global gathering for social impact educators. The values that guide the Ashoka community are:

  • Authenticity. Our actions and motivations remain true to our personal and collective values.

  • Belonging. We are a home for changemakers and a support network of visionary thinkers.

  • Optimism. Where others see problems, we see the spark of a new idea.

  • Inclusion. We seek out diverse voices and take active strides to ensure they feel empowered in our community and their perspectives are respected.

  • Generosity. We are here for each other, eager to listen and share.

  • Courage. We’re not afraid of unorthodox ideas because they’re inherent to progress.

  • Respect. We recognize the right of every attendee to feel safe, heard, and valued at the

  • Exchange. We are all part of this community together and all voices matter.



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