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As Seen on Forbes: "The Importance of a Purpose-Driven Career and Workplace"

Dr. Westover is featured in #Forbes again this morning: "The Importance of a Purpose-Driven Career and Workplace."

"Organizations face diverse competitive challenges and are fighting to attract and retain the human capital that will increase innovation and productivity. Increasingly, employees are seeking enhanced meaning and purpose in their work and the opportunity to impact the broader society in positive ways. To accomplish this, leaders need to pay attention to P-J and P-O Fit when hiring and they need to look for opportunities to more tightly align organizational strategy with a purpose-driven organizational culture. As individuals, we have the opportunity to think about our personal foundational purpose, remembering “what matters most,” “why we are here,” and critically reflecting on how we want to measure our life. Then we can shape a purpose-driven career, choose a workplace that aligns with our values and purpose and help contribute to a purpose-driven workplace."

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