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As Seen on Forbes: "Creating A Workplace Culture Of Belonging, Diversity And Inclusivity"

Dr. Westover's latest #Forbes article is out this morning: "Creating a Workplace Culture of Belonging, Diversity and Inclusivity."

"It is one thing to understand the business case for creating a workplace culture of belonging, diversity and inclusion (which is incredibly strong and is supported by a tremendous amount of research). But let us also not forget the human argument. It is my position that all people, regardless of personal ascribed or achieved status or characteristic, background or worldview deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. As such, there are tangible actions organizational leaders can start taking today to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture in which all feel genuinely welcomed, needed, wanted, valued and given meaningful opportunities to engage and contribute. When this occurs, organizations and their employees will thrive."

Check it out and let us know what you think!



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