Advance HE Global Webinar: "Utilizing Service-Learning Projects in an Online Class"

Yesterday Dr. Westover had the opportunity to host an Advance HE Global Webinar, entitled: "Utilizing Service-Learning Projects in an Online Class"... Learn about the team consulting projects he does with his university students in his online Organizational Development and Change class at the link below!

A brief overview description of the presentation is provided below:

"In the fall of 2019, I launched a new fully online version of my Organizational Development and Change service-learning class, which includes an intensive, semester-long service-learning consulting project that teams of students complete with a community partner. I have been teaching this class for 9 years, in both the traditional F2F and hybrid modalities, but I decided to design an online version to provide more options for our students. The challenge has been to find ways to retain the heart of the course, a meaningful and effective service-learning OD team project consulting experience, within a fully online course."

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