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A Strategic Approach to Employer Branding, with Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams, CEO and founder of PH Creative, recently joined Jonathan Westover on an episode of Human Capital Innovations podcast to discuss how to approach employer branding that aligns with your business and attracts and keeps employees that will allow your company to succeed.

Bryan suggests that when it comes to a “... good employer brand, … 99% [of the success of it], is down to aligning with the organization.” If an employee sees a job opportunity that looks like the ideal position for them, and the listing doesn’t describe the job accurately, the employee will simply end up looking elsewhere for a better suited environment for them.

When writing up a job listing, you want to make the job seem ideal to as many people as possible. After we write an idealized version of the job so workers want to apply and hope to get the job. While this is a fairly common strategy, “... you also have to really try to be authentic and genuine.” If a worker is expecting a laid back environment and ends up with a very strict and demanding one, that will be a shock to them. “We’ve all had those experiences … where you just end up working for a jerk boss in a toxic environment, at least at a minimum, one that’s not particularly engaging and one that you want to be at.” When workers experience this, they will most likely search for a job elsewhere.

If you want your company to have good employees who fit the organization, you need to understand that workers “... want to feel needed, valued, wanted, [and have] the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways. They want to continually develop themselves and do cool things.” When it comes to being an employee friendly employer, you want “... [p]eople [to] understand why they're there, how their contribution matters, and then whether they feel comfortable and they can bring their whole self and they feel like they can belong…. They want to make an impact, and they want to continually learn and grow. They want their leaders, their organization to do what they say they’re going to do….” Bryan notes that “... [b]y and large it does come down to clarity and just setting very clear expectations of who you are and how you’re not.”

You can listen to the full episode at, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts, just search “HCI Podcast”.

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