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Human Resource needs are met only to the extent that excellent employees are identified, attracted, developed, engaged, and retained. Your Candid Self-Assessment identifies how well you believe your organization is meeting these five essential human resource needs.

We have prepared a menu of Innovative Research Based Tools which, if selectively applied, will ensure that the Human Capital Potential in your organization has been maximized. What tools match your Human Capital Needs?

Maximizing Our Human Capital Potential

A Candid Self-Assessment

How Are We Doing? – We are confident that:

1. We consistently attract the best available talent to fill our human capital needs.

     Yes No     If "No" try: "Pre-Employment Applicant Screening" (P-E-A-S)

2. We know who our most talented performers are and that we hire “like talent.”

     Yes No     
If "No" try: "Personality Snapshot" and "Portrait 360 Match"

3. Employee turn-over is low, particularly with our best people.

     Yes No
    If "No" try: “Jobsat"

4. Morale is high and that our people are happy in their jobs.

     Yes No
    If "No" try: “Jobsat"

5. When our best employees choose to leave, our exit evaluation process identifies with great clarity why we suffered this loss.

     Yes No
    If "No" try: “Exitalk"

6. We know where strategic improvements are needed and we ARE making them.

     Yes No     If "No" try: “Exitalk", "Portrait 360 Match", "Bottleneck ID", and "Statfix"

7. We know the dreams and aspirations of our people and have developed career planning tools to match these desires with opportunities for development.

     Yes No     If "No" try: “CP Target", "Training ID", "Strategize", and "Training Menu"

8. We have a handle on future needs for leadership and an outstanding strategy for filling these needs.

     Yes No     If "No" try: "Superstyle" and "Training Menu"

9. We have a performance appraisal system that is both accurate and fair.

     Yes No     If "No" try: "Performance Appraisal System (P-A-S)"

10. We have put in place strategies whereby we will lose fewer of our talented people this year than we did last year.

     Yes No     If "No" try: "Portrait 360 Match", “Jobsat" , “Exitalk", and "Performance Appraisal System (P-A-S)"

11. Our middle management supervisors possess the skills required to develop the people entrusted to them and have earned the trust of those they serve.

     Yes No     If "No" try: “Jobsat", "Superstyle", and "Training Menu"

12. All of our employee’s job assignments “fit” their unique talents and skill sets.

     Yes No     If "No" try: "Portrait 360 Match"

Each of these statements for which the answer was “No” provides a golden opportunity for increased productivity and profit. Imagine the position where your organization will be once the answer to all of these questions is “Yes.” Human Capital Innovations exists to make this potential a reality.


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